How to make cold brew coffee at home? In this Cold Brew Coffee Instructions, we are going to learn why cold brew coffee is better and how to make it step by step.

First, let us clear your doubts. Cold brew coffee is not an iced coffee! Iced coffee is the results of regular coffee or espresso-based coffee which is served and topped with ice cubes to make it cold. It usually also comes with milk and (or) syrup.

The case for a cold brew coffee is, however, different. Cold brew coffee usually takes a long time and involves coffee grounds steeped in water for a couple of hours; it is recommended you leave it for at least 12 hours.

Why is Cold Brew Coffee Better?

During the time the coffee is left still, it slowly gets infused with water hence creating a strong and concentrated brew. That’s just not it; there are many other advantages that this cold brew coffee has over different types of coffee such as.

Saves you lots of time

If you are an early riser or need to take the shortest time to leave the house, then this is the perfect option for you. You can brew a larger batch over the weekend which can last you all week long stored in your fridge without losing its original taste. Then every day in the morning all you do is pour yourself a nice cup of coffee before hitting the road.

This is one part that this coffee beats iced coffee since, after some time, the iced coffee might end up tasting overly bitter or watery. Cold brew coffee doesn’t lose its taste even after all that time.

Smoother and sweeter taste

Cold brew coffee tastes much smoother and smoother compared to other coffee types. This is because the slow infusion pulls all the great coffee flavor from the beans and leaves behind the bits which usually make coffee taste bitter.

Furthermore, this is the best way to get the best out of coffee as it pulls out more caffeine than any other coffee type. With this, you will a hundred percent sure that you will stay alert and have a very productive day.

Ideal for people with sensitive stomachs

Coffee that is made by heating produces a bitter taste as a shorter time limit is given to brew. In the case of cold brew coffee, no heat is used; hence the coffee remains smoother to taste. This eventually results in being smooth on your stomach as well. In other words, it is less acidic.

People with sensitive stomachs will not be affected with this type of coffee, so if your doctor or pharmacist asked you to stay away from coffee, you might want to go back to them with this idea.

The possibility of extending your life

Some people are usually warned about taking regularly brewed coffee, but for the cold brew, it is all a green light.

Coffee increases the ability of your body to burn fats, decrease dementia and also increases insulin sensitivity. Much of this is based on the antioxidant content in coffee, especially chlorogenic acid. With cold brew, it believed that the steeping process pulls out more antioxidants and acids necessary for your body. Furthermore, it tastes sweet and has low acidity as compared to regular brewed coffee!

How to Make a Cold Brew Coffee


A cold brew coffee doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be consumed cold. It only means the process of making it does not involve any heat.

One can either serve it cold, straight off the fridge and even with added ice cubes (which is actually just optional) or you can warm it up a bit if in the mood for a warm or hot coffee.

However, while warming it, you may need to check on the level of concentration by adding more water to taste. It is also not so much advisable to boil it as it might distort the originally brewed taste.

Whichever way you want to consume the coffee, the process of making is just the same and it is very easy. Follow these easy steps to get the best out of cold brew coffee.

  1. Use a ratio of 1cup of coarsely ground coffee per 4 cups of water. (This can be adjusted later by adding more water to suit your own preference.)
  2. Grind the coffee beans at a medium coarse consistency, should appear like breadcrumbs or even much more course. Any finer coffee beans will give you a dark, grubby-tasting coffee.
  3. Pour the water into the jar. It is advisable you use filtered water for a better coffee taste.
  4. Steep for at least 12 hours, although you can steep it for longer if you want. However, steeping for long can risk absorbing the bitter parts of the coffee. Steeping for a shorter period might not get you the ultimate taste and concentration required. So don’t be too stingy or leave it for too long. The ideal period should be between 12 to 16 hours. Moreover, it should be steeped at room temperature.
  5. After steeping the coffee, strain it and keep the concentrate in the fridge. This will help keep it fresh for longer.
  6. While serving, you can dilute the coffee with ice, water, milk or creamer. Dilute it to a taste preferable to you.

Enjoy the best cold brew coffee ever! Next step? Repeat.

Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers

If you want to get the best out of cold brew coffee, it is best to use a cold brew coffee maker. There are very many brands of such out in the market, but we did our research and came up with a conclusive list of our top 5 cold brew coffee makers.

Toddy Cold Brew System (PRODUCT REVIEW)


For the best cold brew coffee, try this maker. It makes sure to extract the delicious taste and caffeine from the coffee leaving behind the bitter oils and fats which give drip coffee the bitter taste.

Ovalware Coffee Maker


This system is much convenient as you don’t have to take much time measuring the number of ground coffee beans and water. It is already calibrated and gives off an excellent, smooth and more vibrant taste of cold brew coffee.
Asobu Coldbrew Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Made of a vacuum insulated stainless steel, this cold brew coffee maker will not only get you delicious coffee but is also ideal as it comes with a portable spill-proof mug.
KitchenAid KCM4212SX Cold Brew Coffee Maker


This is by far one of the most efficient cold brew coffee makers. Made out of stainless steel and glass for better preservation, this system is small enough to fit inside the refrigerator and has a tap where you can dispense your coffee without having to open the entire system.
Bodybrew BOD Cold Brew System (PRODUCT REVIEW)

Apart from getting you an efficient cold brew coffee making system, the company also has in stock the best-grounded coffee beans which you can use for making your coffee.

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