Pour Over Coffee Equipment – The 7 Most Important Devices

pour-over-coffee-equipment-and-devicesPour Over Coffee Equipment have been making headlines since coffee enthusiasts realized that they create the most delicious brew there is. The number of people ditching the conventional coffee machines for pour over coffee makers continues to grow tremendously due to this fact.

What makes them very efficient and incredible when it comes to creating a clean and robust brew is because they come with some of the most outstanding equipment. These tools work harmoniously, and every single one of them is included to ease your coffee making task while giving you a fresh and fully flavored brew every time you want a cup.

What is The 7 Most Important Pour Over Coffee Equipment

Despite their simplicity, pour over coffee machines are undoubtedly the most trending coffee making devices the market. Their composition is remarkable, and the simple fact that they can enable you to produce a tasty brew is beyond outstanding.

So far, there is only seven most important pour over coffee equipment that you won’t fail to notice once you start using the devices. These include.

1. Coffee Dripper

Every pour over coffee maker comes with a coffee dripper since it is one of the main components that will ensure you get a delicious cup of coffee. The work of a coffee dripper is to hold the coffee grounds and water as well as allow steeping. The design of the coffee dripper varies from one device to another.

  • Clever Coffee Dripper is made of plastic that is 100% BPA free to ensure that your brew doesn’t get contaminated as you steep. And it is the easiest dripper to use.

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  • The Kalita Wave Coffee Dripper is available in three materials, stainless steel, glass, and ceramic. You have a choice to pick whichever you want.
  • Hario V60 is one of the most popular coffee drippers in the world, available in four materials, ceramic, plastic, glass, and metal. The ceramic material is best to retain the heat and maintain the coffee temperature.
  • Lastly is the Chemex Coffeemaker which comes in non-porous borosilicate glass so to ensure that the coffee doesn’t absorb any odor or chemical residues.
2. Coffee Filter

The devices must have a coffee filter whose work is to sieve the coffee by ensuring that not even the tiniest debris passes through. The coffee filter is also the reason why you always end up with a clean and robust brew that is less oily unlike that of conventional coffee machines. Each coffee dripper has a different type of coffee filter.


  • There is the conical coffee filter which is made from paper that can either be bleached or unbleached meaning 100% chlorine free.
  • Other coffee filters are basket-shaped with a stainless mesh to ensure that coffee debris doesn’t pass through.
  • There are the Hario V60 Coffee Filters that are funnel-like and very easy to use.
  • Then there is the Chemex Coffee Filter that is thicker than other filters so the taste will cleaner.

Each coffee filter functions well and ensures that the different pour over coffee drippers work just fine.

3. Pour Over Kettle

The pour over coffee kettle is yet another incredible equipment that you will find useful. These kettles usually hold the water required for brewing at a certain temperature.


  • Some of the most renowned pour over kettles include the Bonavita BV382510V Kettle that has a polished stainless steel surface and a black plastic base. It comes with a gooseneck spout to control pouring.
  • There is the Kalita Wave Kettle which has a remarkable stainless steel surface that is well polished to achieve a great finish. The handle is made of wood to protect your hands from heat and has a 1L capacity.
  • The Hario V60 Buono Kettle has a wavy polished stainless steel surface with an insulated handle. It also has a flat knob lid and a capacity of 1.2L.

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4. Thermometer

There are also brewing thermometers available to ensure that you always have a brew with the right temperature.


  • One of the best thermometers for brewing is the Blesiya food thermometer. It comes with a remarkable LCD screen that shows the temperature of your coffee. It measures from -45 to 200 Celsius and comes with a stainless steel finish. This thermometer can work with any pour over coffee device.
5. Coffee Server or Coffee Mug

There are also some coffee servers or coffee mugs that have been designed to ensure that you have a brilliant brewing and coffee serving time.


  • This includes the Hario V6 Clear Coffee Server which comes with a heat-resistant clear glass and wavy design. There is also the Hario V6 Glass Range Coffee Server that is conical in shape and just like the Hario V6 Clear Coffee Server it has a heat-resistant glass. The only discernible difference is the design of the coffee mug and the outlook.
  • There is also the Kalita (Carita) Glass 500-G Coffee Server that is much more simple in design. It comes with a polypropylene lid and a heat-resistant glass finish.

All these coffee servers are easy to use and wash.

6. Scale and Timer

For weighing the amount of brew created or water needed to create the brew, the scale and timer are usually very important. The timer is used to track the blooming, pouring and infusion.


  • Some of the best scales and timer in the market include the Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer. This timer is easy to use and very classy. It uses two AA batteries and has an Auto power off feature that shuts the timer after 5minutes of idling.

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7. Coffee Grinder

Every great coffee is determined by the size of the grind. This is why you need a coffee grinder to complement your pour over coffee maker. Having a grinder also means that you will only be using freshly ground coffee which is known to have the most flavor. There are namely two types of coffee grinders, the electric grinder, and the manual grinder.


  • Some of the best grinder brands include the JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder. This grinder comes with an adjustable grind selector with 15setings to ensure that you have the exact grind you want. The grinder is very small and thus portable, it is manual thus requires no battery or electricity.
  • There is also the Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill which comes in a very stylish design. It is small, lightweight, portable and adjustable to deliver the exact grind you want. This grinder is perfect and has been designed to produce the best grind possible.

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  • There is also the Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder which is electric and thus can produce coffee grounds in seconds. The grinder crashes coffee beans instead of slicing to ensure consistency of the grind.
  • Lastly, there is the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder. This is yet another electric grinder with a compact look. It comes with a grind selector that enables you to select the type of grind you want.


Each pour over coffee device come with the above equipment to ensure that you have an easy time creating your brew. The equipment is also the reason behind the delicious coffee that is always bursting with flavor.

If you want to know which pour over coffee maker is remarkable in the market, watch out for my next posts which will have the reviews of different pour over coffee makers and the instructions of how to use them.

If you have any questions or anything about the “Pour Over Coffee Equipment” you want to share with me, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Hello Brian,After reading your article on pour over coffee equipment, I think I have never ever been drinking a real coffee. The equipment is so classy and luxurious that mesmerized me while I was going through your article. So many varieties were also mentioned choosing. In fact, I didn’t know much about pour over coffee equipment before reading this article. I just love this article. Thank you and all the best.Regards,Ranao.

    1. Hello Ranao, I am so glad you love this article, this is what the purpose I established this website, I hope this can lead you into the wonderful coffee world. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hi Brian

    Your article brings back fond memories of when I was a chld and watched my mom make coffee.

    In the 1950’s we were very poor and my Mom would heat water in a kettle, poor the hot water over the ground beans that she had wrapped in a cheese cloth. I wasn’t allowed to drink it because I was only 4 – 5 years old.  I must say parents seemed to really enjoy the resulting coffee.

    For the longest time I have used the automatic pour over coffee maker. Which is of course just a water heater the pumps the hot water into a basket with filter and coffee grounds then drips into a glass or thermos container. This doesn’t give you a lot of room to experiment.

    Now your article is great. I love a great cup of coffee and making it with the described equipment will give a person much more flexibility in adjusting the flavour of the brew. There are so many different beans from many different countries it would be awesome to experiment.

    Thank you Brian for this article. 


    1. Hi Murray, thank you for share your story to me, I believe your Mom is a truly pour over coffee expert and used the cheesecloth to replace filter is really cool!
      Yeah, when using these pour over equipment to brew coffee, it will give people more flexibility. Then the coffee beans is another big theme, I am going to share the information and knowledge about coffee beans in the future.
      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  3. Hello, this is a very nice article about pour over coffee equipment. I have a personal interest in pour over coffee equipment as I am a coffee person. The coffee dripper is definitely one of my favorites as I have enjoyed it over the years. Personally, I would not mind to acquire another type of pour over coffee equipment or replace my coffee dripper with any of the other 6 you outlined. Thanks, nice Post.

  4. Alright, now I’m getting conflicted, ha ha.  Here we have more really cool, extremely functional coffee brewing systems.  I love these just as much as another one I saw on your site earlier.  Our coffee machine broke.  We had a simple drip coffee maker, but honestly, it just didn’t produce that yummy cup of coffee my family is craving, so we are taking our next purchase very seriously.  I think I’m going to have to have a family pow wow before we buy.  Thanks for all these great choices!

    1. Hi Babsie, yeah! There are too many types of devices to choose, it’s really conflicted sometimes. I have to say the drip coffee maker is convenience than pour over coffee, but if your family member would like to try to pour over coffee, it will be a little bit more complicated but more interesting. If you don’t have any ideas to decide what devices you should get at the beginning, feel free to ask me I am happy to help you out. 🙂

  5. Thanks for this review on pour over coffee equipment and the 7 most important device.I must commend you for taking your time to write about all this device because it helps me in my finding on coffee cup set and devices I need to replace in my home. Recently I have a huge to change my coffee kettle to pour because I see many advantages of pour over kettle but now there are so many other devices I need to consider also to have a wonderful coffee drink experience every morning from now on

    1. Hi, you are welcome, my purpose of establishing this website is trying to help people who love coffee, I am so glad it is helping you. I have a “Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle” review, if you still looking for a kettle you should check it out. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Linus Udochukwu Marvellous

    Iove coffee so much and I still use the conventional method to make my coffee. Although it is quite outdated and a bit stressful, I love it. My friends laugh at me when they see me using the conventional method, they say using the pour over equipment is the best and your review has actually made me decide to use the pour over coffee equipment.

    1. Hi Linus, in my opinion, the conventional method is nothing wrong, you can enjoy any ways to make coffee, maybe you can try to pour over coffee but don’t deny your conventional method, enjoy a cup of good coffee is a relax thing don’t be pressure. 🙂

  7. Sammynathaniels

    Hello Brian, I recently got to read about the Pour Over Kettle and its amazing features. These devices are very cool; one would wonder how crude brewing coffee would have been by now bar technology. 

    These devices are really cool and no one can deny how well it helps one in coffee making. Apart from the Pour Over Kettle, I never knew these other ones existed. Good job.


    1. Hello, these pour over equipment are very cool and interesting, you can choose any kinds of different devices to create your own pour over system. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Wow, thanks for all these wonderful exposures. I am a coffee lover an I would say that anywhere.
    The only thing though is that I am still learning how to make the perfect coffee and have never heard of these tools before now.

    Looking forward to next post from you

  9. Hello Brian,

    This was very interesting! I never heard about coffee pour over equipment before. Wish I drank coffee now to try this new to me coffee technology 🙂 By the sounds of it, it seems like it would make a smooth coffee 🙂 Thank you for sharing and opening my eyes that there is more than just instant coffee, Keurig machines and the normal coffee makers!

    1. Hello Chanelle,
      I am so glad you like this article! If you want, you can buy some devices and start to try to pour-over coffee at home; it’s simple and interesting. And welcome to the specialty coffee world! Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  10. Hi Brian,
    Thank you for sharing this very interesting and well explained article. I wasn’t aware of all these pour over equipment but I have learnt a lot from your article. Thanks for sharing

    1. I am so glad you like this article, there are more instructions and reviews about pour over coffee devices upcoming, stay tuned! Thank you for stopping by.

  11. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to reading your review post as we are on the lookout for a simple, machine free way to drink beautiful coffee! We currently use a plunger but I am keen to try some other ideas. What are your thoughts on the jugs that are coming out for cold coffee? My partner is a lover of cold drip coffee but in Australia it is hard to come by and to be honest not something I have ever tried. Interested to hear your thoughts?

    1. Hi Nicky,
      I think you and your partner will love Cold Brew coffee, I have two posts are talking about Cold Brew, “Cold Brew Coffe Instructions” and “Toddy Cold Brew System Review,” I mostly recommend the Toddy Cold Brew System; It can make lots of coffee at one time easily.
      I hope these two posts will help you if you have any more questions, please ask me anytime.
      Thank you for your question and comment. 🙂

  12. I have studied barista when I was in high school, so I have a lot of interest in coffee, I never heard these before, my favorite is Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle, very textured! Thank you for this awesome article!

    1. Wow, you should start to brew coffee by yourself. I believe you will love this. You know what, my next post is going to write Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle review, you must check it out, this review is upcoming in a few days, stay tuned! Thank you for your comment.

  13. Hi,
    Thanks for the article, great information on the gear pour-over coffee gear, I’ve never done this so far so, what would you recommend for beginning home coffee brewers if they were to purchase one first?

    1. Hello Lan,
      If you don’t have any one of these devices, I am going to recommend you should purchase 3 kinds of tools at least; they will be coffee dripper, coffee filter, and pour-over kettle. When you have these 3 devices, you can start enjoying your pour-over coffee!
      I hope this will helping you, if you have more questions, please ask me any time! Thank you for your question and comment. 🙂

  14. I’ve never used a pour over coffee maker before. I am curious how the coffee flavor is compared to say coffee from a Keurig? I do love a cup of good coffee in the morning and this sounds like a great way to enjoy it. Great review on what I need for this!

    1. Hi,
      Honestly, I can not 100% to compare the coffee flavor between pour-over coffee and Keuring, because there are too many factors to influence the coffee flavor, like coffee beans, the grinder, water temperature, and brewing time, etc.
      But there is one thing I am sure that is pour-over coffee is a way to let you enjoy the process during brewing coffee, whenever I was doing this I always 100% concentrate on it, it makes me feel I am living in the moment, it’s kind of lifestyle for me.
      So I believe both coffee makers can serve great coffee, the different is Keurig easy and quick to use, but pour-over coffee is a little bit more complicated but interesting.
      Thank you for your question and comment. 🙂

  15. Thank you for letting me in on pour over coffee equipment. I had known by the coffee filters for a long time but had never known they were part of the coffee equipment.
    This is interesting and I may order these soon for my mom who loves coffee.
    Thanx for the idea

    1. You are welcome Thabo! Pour over coffee is a really interesting thing. There are more information and review about pour over coffee upcoming, please make sure you have saved my website. Thank you for your comment!

  16. Hi Brian
    This is the first time that I have seen something like this, you have a coffee workshop this is very intriguing and I am highly fascinated.
    And guess what while reading your article I had to go and make me a cup of coffee. Keep up the good work Brian you have given me
    an experience that I will always remember.

    1. Hell Rickey,
      I am so glad you like this article, next time you should try to pour over coffee, it’s interesting. Thank you for your encouragement, I will keep it up on this! 🙂

  17. Very interesting article, I wasn’t aware of pour over coffee makers. I can see how these tools ensure an awesome brew. This is worth looking into as my hubby is a huge coffee drinker. I’ll keep an eye out for your next post, thanks.

    1. Hello CJ,
      The pour over coffee is very interesting, there are so many different types of equipment you can choose and goes to a different outcome, and some of the tools are more like a decoration, it’s really fun. Thank you for stopping by, there are more reviews upcoming, stay tuned!

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